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Meetings can be scheduled external from eCampus or can be scheduled from right inside your eCampus shell. Provide a link to the Zoom App. All poll data is deleted from Zoom after 30 days. Zoom meetings are intended for bi-directional communications and lectures with invited and authenticated university participants and guest speakers. Administration of key i change my zoom wide settings, including important security-related parameters and assignment of add-on licensing, will be limited to the Information Services and Technology IST department.

How to add a license to my zoom account – how to add a license to my zoom account:


Skip to main content. Back to top. UM Zoom. What features are available in UM Zoom? Host up to participants Unlimited one-on-one and group meetings Breakout rooms for up to participants Waiting Room Screen sharing Co-hosts and alternative hosts Co-annotation on screen share Private and Group Chat Record meetings Live transcription Social media streaming Pin multiple people Spotlight multiple people Polling Assign a meeting scheduler Language interpretations Remote keyboard and mouse control Whiteboard Virtual background Telephone.

I already have a free or paid Zoom account that I use for university purposes. What is Zoombombing, and how do I reduce my risk? How does UM Zoom help reduce the risk of Zoombombing incidents?

How can I add a participant without a umanitoba email address to my meeting in UM Zoom? You can either add an authentication exception or turn off the authentication requirement.

Add and authentication exception UM Zoom is pre-configured to mitigate the risk of unauthorised access to your meetings. Adding an authentication exception to a meeting PDF Please note: The person you are inviting must have a Zoom account in order to successfully join the meeting.

Disable the authentication requirement Alternatively, if you need to include someone without a UM Zoom account, you can turn off the authentication setting for your meeting. What do I do if I am Zoombombed? For more information visit Zoom security. When should I use a Zoom meeting vs. How do I comply with the university guidelines for storing and handling data classified as Restricted Information, including personal health information?

FAQ for instructors. Planning to use Webex for Fall ? I am an instructor and my course requires Zoom. Who should I contact to request an account? I already have a Zoom account. Who should I contact to book a training session? Do I need to install the Zoom app in my computer?

Audio – microphone and speaker issues During the meeting, click on the arrow beside the Mute button to expand a list of options. FAQ for students.

I am a student and my instructor will use Zoom in my course. Do I need a Zoom account? Do I need to install Zoom in advance in my computer to participate in the meetings? What browser should I use for Zoom? Can I join the meeting using my smartphone? Can I join the breakout sessions using my smartphone? How do I mute and unmute myself? If you see Join Audio , then you are not connected to the meeting. Click on the icon and select Join with Computer Audio. Go to umanitoba. Sign in using your umanitoba.

Zoom will send an email to the address you signed in with. Check your inbox and follow the instructions. If you are an existing user: With a paid account, you will receive a prompt to refund the outstanding balance before consolidating. With a free account, you will see the, “Switch to the new Zoom account” page. A confirmation page will display stating your account has been switched successfully. What do we mean by “moving your account? What information from my existing Zoom user account will be transferred to the UM Zoom account?

Your profile information including name and picture Scheduled meetings including recurring meetings Cloud recordings Instant Messaging chat history and contacts Your reporting data, such as attendee reports, will not be transferred when you consolidate your account.

I am an owner or administrator of a paid Zoom account with multiple users. Can I move all users in my account at once? I already have an existing free or paid Zoom user account. Do I need to do anything? I don’t have a Zoom account. How do I get a UM Zoom user account? Click Sign In. Enter your umanitoba. Your UM Zoom profile page will open. How do I download and install Zoom? Your new links should start with purdue-edu.

Licensed users can delegate to other users the ability to schedule Zoom meetings on their behalf. Both users must be Licensed, and setup within the Purdue University Zoom environment. For information on how to delegate access, and schedule meetings for other users, see the following Zoom support page:. If you use polling in your meeting, you can run a report after the meeting is over to see the results of those polls.

Poll reports are available for meetings that ended at least 5 minutes ago. All poll data is deleted from Zoom after 30 days. This setting must be enabled on your account prior to use. How do I obtain a Zoom license? How do I log in if I set up Zoom using a vanity Purdue email address? What does my Purdue Zoom account allow me to do? Zoom license holders at Purdue can host meetings of up to 24 hours in length and with up to participants.

How do I request add-ons, like increased meeting participants? All add-ons are purchased on an annual basis. All add-ons automatically renew on July 30 of each year unless you notify your local IT support 30 days in advance. When did Purdue begin providing Zoom accounts for all? What if I previously purchased a license?

How to access Zoom within Brightspace Zoom has been added to Brightspace so that instructors can natively use the service to host virtual Zoom sessions within Brightspace. Keyboard shortcuts Keyboard shortcuts allow a person to navigate Zoom meetings and features without using a mouse. When in the meeting, the host must Enable Auto-Transcription by using the Meeting Toolbar on the bottom of the screen: Users will then see Live Captions on the screen during the meeting, and can enable full, live transcript on the right side of the meeting screen.

How can I prevent my meeting room from being hijacked? Put the link to your meeting in materials only accessible to your intended attendees. Enable the Waiting Room feature. The Waiting room allows you, as the host or co-host, to allow people into your meeting. When attendees first join your meeting, they are placed in a virtual waiting room.

The host and co-host see those users waiting and can then let each person in individually, or can allow everyone in who is waiting. Note: This setting will be enabled by default for all Zoom meetings starting on March 31, It can be disabled, but you should only do so if you are confident that your meeting has been secured via other methods.

While that password can easily be used by anyone who has access to it — meaning, it is not unique to each user and can be shared freely — it does create a speed bump for bad actors just looking for an open door. Control your screen! Do not allow your attendees to share their screen without first asking your permission. By limiting this access, if someone were to join your meeting, they would be unable to share any inappropriate materials to your other attendees.

Kick them out! Make sure that you are familiar with the participant controls. That way, if a user joins unexpectedly, you know how to remove them. Mute all attendees. You can mute all attendees, and not allow them to unmute themselves. You can not only mute and un-mute everyone, but you can also prevent attendees from un-muting themselves. If everyone you expect in your meeting has arrived, you can lock the meeting to all additional attendees.

This will prevent anyone, even if they have the meeting link and password, from joining. Where do my meetings “go”? Are the routed through other countries? How do I remove someone from my meeting? How can I arrange a Zoom meeting for another person? Join the meeting, and then transfer the host role to another user. You may then stay in that meeting, or leave, and the meeting will continue as planned. This involves adding them in User Management, and then adding them as an alternate host.

What equipment is needed for Zoom? Depending on how you wish to connect to the meeting, you will need some combination of the following: Computer with Internet connection Microphone Webcam — See this guide on Webcam recommendations Telephone Mobile Device The Zoom app is available through Apple iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Can I use a virtual background in a Zoom meeting? If the toolbar is hidden, move your mouse to the bottom of the meeting screen, or press the ALT key.

Select Choose Virtual Background From this window, you can select an image to appear behind you. This image can be a still image or short movie. You can select from the pre-loaded options, or upload your own file. How do I allow non-hosts to share their screen? What is a waiting room and how do I use it? To toggle the waiting room feature for your account: Sign in to the Zoom web portal. In the navigation menu, click Account Management then Settings.

On the Meeting tab, navigate to the Waiting Room option under In-Meeting Advanced and change the setting to enabled or disabled. Select who you want to admit to the waiting room. All participants: All participants joining your meeting will be admitted to the waiting room. Guest participants only: Only participants who are not on your Zoom account or are not logged in will be admitted to the waiting room. You can connect live, via audio and video, and share presentation content.

You can create breakout groups. The meeting can be recorded. Additionally, students with poor internet connectivity can split the video and audio between computer and phone, or can dial-in for an audio only connection. Each WVU Zoom Account is licensed to allow you to host unlimited meetings with up to participants, limited to 24 hours long or less per meeting. Your WVU account has a limit of participants.

If you are planning a larger event, webinar and large meeting licenses both participants can be reserved on a first-come basis. You do not need to have a WVU Zoom account to join a meeting unless your meeting host requires authentication.

Zoom meetings and webinars can be configured to restrict entry or registration to users with valid WVU credentials. Making sure you are signed into the correct account is the most important factor for being able to participate in these sessions. Our help page provides step-by-step instructions for getting you signed in correctly. Includes Zoom tricks and tips such as enabling video and audio, creating a meeting, customizing your profile, authenticated users, and more.

Explains how to use Zoom through eCampus.


– Zoom: Video Conferencing | Purdue University

JHM: JHUSON: You can see the URL in your Zoom profile on the web, under the Meeting tab: You can see the URL when in a meeting via Zoom’s desktop client (video off, nothing being shared): You can . Aug 20,  · First, go to and log in with your work email and password. Now, click on the ‘My Account’ hyperlink at the top-right corner of your screen. Next, click on the ‘Settings’ tab on the left of your screen. Then, head over to the ‘In . To activate the Webinar privilege on your Zoom account: 1. Login to Zoom – and sign in using Email Address and Password. 2. Scroll down and select ‘Zoom for Developers’ from the menu on the left. 3. This redirects to the Zoom App Marketplace. Click ‘Sign In’.


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