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Farzana Sharmin: Recent time, many Bangladeshi people have been facing trouble for flood with corona virus crisis as like To add insult to injury. Specially rural poor people are living miserable condition for flood in this moment. Every year these vulnerable people suffer wretchedness for definite time when deluge water overflowed. Deluge is really a serious matter of contemplation of Bangladesh. These distressed Bangladeshi floods stricken people face many loses every year in Bangladesh.

Because their wealth, houses, furniture, books for students, etc. Farmers also face economic lose at that time as like other flood stricken poor people. Besides that owners of cattle, animals like cow, goats or farm of poultry industry, its fall in great calamity in this time.

Deluge is really a curse in Bangladesh. Deluge expands poverty in Bangladesh. The government of Bangladesh should be ensured corruption free, food, to lock in zoom water and medical relief distribution programs for vulnerable flood stricken Bangladeshi people immediately. They should be ensured relief program for poor farmers who have lost their productive crops for inundated flood water. Solvent, rich people of Bangladesh could be extended their helping hand for removing the calamity of flood stricken people.

Government should be provided proper you cant sign into your zoom account using this method แก้ – you cant sign into your zoom acco treatment facility flood stricken people who have corona virus or preventive measures for flood stricken people if they would be living safely with corona virus.

Government of Bangladesh has already established some shelter centre for poor vulnerable people which people will have been going worsens condition lost their houses wealth money for bad impact of delude or any natural disaster. This is applauded news. But this is not enough as requirements. So Government should be taken action for establishing more new shelter center in different flood affected area inside Bangladesh.

For this reason long term based realistic plans are needed where will be the flood stricken people taken shelter during the temporary time of deluge. How will can possible decreased the lost of flood stricken people? How will can evacuate and rescued the flood stricken people quickly into another safe place? Side by адрес some temporary based Government working projects like food exchange of working project, it could be running for removing poverty of vulnerable flood victims.

Implementation process of realistic long term scientific plans of expertise could have saved lives of vulnerable flood stricken people in Bangladesh from the curse of deluge. So we hope the Bangladesh Government shall be taken anticipating attempts for protecting rural farmerssmall entrepreneurs by giving ease loan without any bail bond and other poor rural people from the deluge and other natural disasters. Otherwise, all economic development achievements will not то, zoom unable to connect firewall что remain sustainable position in the long run.

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